Blackjack Hands

The online blackjack game is all about getting the 21. Here are some hints that would help you to get this 21 easier. As in any other luck game, blackjack has many possible cards combinations. If you are watching a blackjack game with some established players as a guest, you would hear them talking about soft and hard hands. This is the blackjack jargon, and even a beginner must know the meanings of those words before engaging into a risky blackjack game.

Luckily for you, the blackjack cards are valued in a manner that won't allow you to bust from the first round (busting means to have a score higher than 21, as in this case you lose automatically).The difference between soft and hard hands is given by the Ace. Why? Well, the Ace can be considered as 1 or 11 in blackjack. That is why you can think about multiple combinations if you have an Ace on your hand. This is called a soft hand, as you could "model" it as you like. An Ace and a 3 mean a total of 4 or 14. Of course, in this scenario, you must request another card. You can get a 6, and you are a winner in this case, or you could get a Royal card. In this case, your total is 13 and you should request another card once more. This is only a simple scenario, but the blackjack game with a soft hand is suitable for almost any kind of playing.

Other Considerations about Soft Hands

A soft hand gives you safety and options. An Ace in your hand means increasing of your winning blackjack chances. The dealer can take an insurance against you, and the computer dealers from the online casinos are instructed to do so. The simplest advice about a soft hand is never to fold. It doesn't matter what cards the dealer has. You will still have the biggest odds to win, unless the dealer gets a straight blackjack. In this case, you are out of the game.

Hard Blackjack Hands and Tips about Playing Them

Unfortunately, the hard hand is risky for the player that has it. Especially if the dealer shows you an Ace, leaving the blackjack table might be the best option. Of course, you will lose the table fee, but it will surely be less than the total stakes involved. A courageous player would rather take insurance and play. Although this is not a complicated technique, players are appealing to insurance only after a long online blackjack experience. Hard hands are easy to lose, but the satisfaction of winning them is great. This is why the best online blackjack players are gambling on every hand, even if their winning chances are close to 0.

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