How to Choose Blackjack Table

Maybe this is not an important aspect for beginners. However, understanding what is blackjack table and its layout is the crucial thing for the perfect blackjack game.

The Blackjack Table Design

There are no historical records about the blackjack table. However, it is believed that the table hasn't changed so much in the last 200 years. The oval shape permits maximum visibility for all the players and also for the dealer. That is why it is very hard to cheat at blackjack. One side of the oval finishes with the shoe. This is the most important part of the table, as all the action will take place there.

The basic rules of the table and the regulations are stated in a section near the shoe. Although many players are neglecting them, you would have to look at these rules, at least briefly. The section might also contain important information about the minimum stakes, about the maximum allowed bet and special rules such as splitting and folding. In addition, some casinos are also writing the number of decks there. A quick look will give you an idea about the table, so you can decide whether you want to play the game or not.

The usual table has 6 places for players. The dealer won't wait for the table to fill in. In fact, players can join or leave anytime. A single gambler is enough for the game to begin. It is also better for this game: as an experienced player, you won't need to be distracted by some drunk players or by a good looking lady.

Choosing the Blackjack Table

Any casino must host at least a dozen of blackjack tables. After all, we are talking about the most popular casino game in the world. Therefore, you will find your place either you are planning to play with stakes of one dollar or 100 dollars at a time. A beginner must choose a table that already has some players, so he could learn from them. Don't worry, as you are not competing against those players, you are only competing against the dealer.

Don't forget to leave the cold tables. In the online casinos, spotting cold or hot tables is easy. In the real casinos, a cold table means that the dealer won't give away any more earnings. If you think that the dealer can't decide the faith of a certain game, you are wrong. If you want to be a winner, you do not have to be greedy. Just be happy about winning blackjack one or two hands, take away your earnings as soon as possible and switch tables whenever you can.

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