Multi-deck Strategy

The multi deck charts are found everywhere online. Considering the designer and the site, they can be different. However, there are some common principles about reading them.

The Hard Totals

The hard totals are the combinations that do not contain an Ace. On the first horizontal line of the chart, you will find all the possible cards that you can get from the first hand. On the vertical line, you will find the possible totals. Figuring out the second card won't be so hard for a smart player like you. In the table, you will find the actions that must be taken. H means you will have to request another card, S means you will have to wait for the action of the dealer; D means that doubling is recommended, while P means you must split.

In the table, you will see that certain portions have the same recommendation. This is normal, as a combination of 8 and 2 is equally valuable with a hand of 8 with 3. As the time will pass, you won't even need to look at the table, as you will remember the needed actions immediately.

The Soft Totals

This table is smaller, as it only contains hands with an ace or two. It is also the most favorable position for the player. You will see that the most recommended action is to hold or double. If you find a multi-deck chart that recommends you to fold with a soft hand, it means that the chart is bad. Either it is designed by a beginner or is by a scam. A soft hand means you will have to stay in the game with any cost.

Advanced Multi-decks Charts

You will have some serious troubles finding a strategy of this kind. First, it is hard to design; therefore only the best players have the courage to draw such a chart. Secondly, the chart must take all the options into consideration, from insurance to double splitting.

Moreover, those blackjack strategies must be learned by players. Think about this: if you are spending one minute to find the combination on the chart, your turn will be over. You will need to memorize the combinations of the charts, and you will also have to exercise it on free tables.

People have tried to design multi-decks charts from the beginning of blackjack history. Some of those charts are old and useless, as they aren't considering the newest features of blackjack, such as double splitting or insurance. On the other hand, the best charts can't be found on free sites and resources. The best charts are kept in a secret by the best players and you must pay for them. Another good advice is to find a blackjack mentor. Such players would surely boost your career, although you might need to pay for their service.So, you should know how to play blackjack game and main strategies of the game in order to be the successful gambler.

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