Mythical Stanford Wong

We have already find out about Peter Griffin and Edward Throp and now let`s read about the Stanford Wong. The player is actually named John Ferguson. The name Stanford Wong is only a scene name used for casino playing and for his books. His Asian name is also a statement of the Asian's natural blackjack talent, as the player always pledged for those players. Moreover, the player is still writing today, being the author of some astonishing blackjack software and writings. With all his blackjack experience and dedication, it is no wonder that one of the best blackjack techniques is called "wonging". The technique is almost perfect, as you won't need to sit at the table in order to win.

Wonging the Blackjack Table

The technique of Wong is used even today by some experienced teams. The player had the advantage of innovation by his side. At that moment, nobody believed that a player could actually count the cards. Therefore, he managed to sit around blackjack tables, observing the game for a while. As soon as the table allowed, the player stepped in, claiming some important winnings.

In today's blackjack, using this technique is even harder. The casinos have some serious security measurements about wonging; therefore you will need a whole team if you want to apply it. First, you can't sit around for hours following the blackjack tables. A player of your team must do this, and he will also need to be a master of cards counting. Once the table gets hot, the main player must intervene. He would have to bet large, as he knows the cards that are about to be drawn. Moreover, you would also need some simple players on your team, players that must follow the Pit Bosses and the casino's employees. Considering the software that can be used by players, you can say that a smart combination between Wong's technique and advanced devices could turn you into a blackjack winner.

Stanford Wong Today

Considering his reputation, Wong is prohibited from the majority of the casinos. This is why he needs to stay low, being happy with some television shows and appearances. He also decided to learn the secrets of dices, publishing his first book based on craps strategies.

Stanford Wong's Future

Stanford Wong won't need to worry about his future. Although casinos fear him as a player, he is requested by them on many occasions as a consultant. His television appearances and his blackjack books are also bringing important earnings, and his current passion for craps will surely make him even more famous. He announced that he also prepared to try his luck in poker, and we can hardly wait for him in a one-to-one game with Daniel Negrean.

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