Unbalanced Systems

Card counting for a blackjack game is an easy task even for beginners. However, the experienced players are using more advanced systems that would guarantee them earnings. Here are some of them.

Unbalanced Zen Counting system

If you are familiar with the cards counting and balanced system, you are aware that the total value of a deck is 0. Well, this s only for the simple Hi-Lo system. For the advanced Zen counting system, the cards are numbered differently, so the total would be different from 0. Some players are saying the system is wrong because of this. The developer of the Zen system applied it successfully in the majority of Las Vegas casinos before publishing the book in the year 1995. If it worked for him, it will surely work for you also.

The system has an important advantage over the Hi-Lo counting method: it can be applied for any blackjack game, even if several decks are used. The system needs to be applied only for a few hands before your bet therefore you are not concerned about the total number of cards from the game

The system considers some cards more important than others. Therefore, the cards 3 to 6 are considered +2, 2 and 7 are +1, 8 and 9 are valued at 0, and the royal cards are counted as -2. Of course, you will also have to give a value of -1 to the Ace.

The counting is similar to the classic Hi Lo system. However, it is harder to apply, as you will have to make your calculations even faster. If your total gets over 20, it means that there are some high cards in the pack. High cards are considered the cards that are greater than 10, but you would only need those to win, wouldn't you? Once you have that total, start betting some serious money, as the Aces and blackjacks would start to flow.

There are many books written on this subject, and also some free online documentation. The system is liked even by those players that are not applying it, because of its complexity and reliability. The system is also harder to spot by the pit bosses. This is why the strategy is successfully applied both in real and virtual casinos.

It is rumored that the developer of the system prepares a new version that would change the face of blackjack completely. He says that any player could win with this new method. Maybe it is just a marketing strategy, but the fans of blackjack are surely waiting for this book with great interest.

Unfortunately for players, besides the Hi-lo and the Zen system, there are no other proven strategies that could guarantee winnings. However, some simple strategies to limit the house edge could be applied, and you could find those strategies on free online resources also.

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