Bringing Down The House

Maybe the most famous movie about blackjack is 21, a movie based on the blackjack book Bringing Down the House. This is not only a captivating movie, but also a great blackjack lesson.


A young student from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology desperately wants to attend Harvard. However, the 300 000 dollars tuition fee can't be paid by his poor mother. Luckily for him, the student finds a teacher that is the mentor of a special blackjack team. The professor is interpreted in an admirable manner by Kevin Spacey, being one of those characters that you will remember for the rest of your life.

The special blackjack team is supposed to use the counting method in the Las Vegas casinos. As we are talking about some casinos that are filled with experienced Pit Bosses and other dangerous people, the team's task is not that easy. Even if the kids are smart and they can cheat almost every dealer, the Pit Bosses will not be so thrilled about counters. Trapped between those worries and the desire to be a part of the Harvard University, the student must take a decision fast. He refuses at first, but the mirage of some quick earnings will finally convince him.

Las Vegas

Of course, as any innocent youngster, our student gathers the money meticulously. He will keep them hidden from his boarding school friends, and he would continue his dull and boring life. Moreover, he will refuse some money from his mother, pretending that he is already accepted at Harvard. As he is saying, the youngsters were boring MIT students during the week, and the Las Vegas kings during the weekends.

Falling in Love and Falling Apart

Money changes people. This statement is also demonstrated in this movie. Blackjack turns the innocent kid into a shark, as the confidence of the player grew. Of course, he will also get in love with his teammate, an attractive girl from New York. As his game got better, also the envy of his colleagues did. One of them decides to ruin the perfect blackjack game, apologizing later. His apologies were not accepted, and the player had to leave the team.

Of course, the bad Pit Boss interpreted by Lawrence Fishburne must also have an important role in the movie. As an ex counter, he manages to catch our hero using the facilities of professional blackjack software and cameras. The team gets caught, but our student manages to escape. The student finally fulfills his dream, being accepted in the prestigious Harvard University.

Although the movie is more like a life story, the blackjack side can't be neglected. As a beginner, you will learn a lot from it. Moreover, you will have the possibility to study blackjack cards counting and strategies. Besides, you could also learn some hints about cheating the Pit Bosses and the casino's personnel.

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