Card Counting Peculiarities

There are many people, who would not mind winning in this game. There are even more people, who would like to win at it. Blackjack is that type of game, where knowledge, luck and skills are combined. And what concerns card counting, it is that aspect of blackjack gaming, which includes mostly skills, as knowledge has to be there beforehand.

Card counting is a type of strategy, which is applied in blackjack gambling in the land-based casinos. There are many systems, which this strategy includes. The main classification is that there are balanced systems and unbalanced systems.

Balanced Systems

The balanced system is the one, where you start counting cards with zero and end with it. If it happens that you finish somewhere at 1, -2 or somewhere else. It means that you have made some mistakes during counting cards session.

If we take a simple card counting system called Hi/Lo, we will see, why it is supposed to be easy. The cards 2 to 6 are counted as +1. 7, 8 and 9 are counted as 0 and 10 through Ace are counted as -1. And if your count is high, it is time to make large bets, which means that most part of the low cards are out and the cards closer to 21 are still in the deck.

Unbalanced Systems

This type of card counting strategy is not tight to some balance. You just count and that is all. If you finish at some number you will never know, if you missed something or if you were right. And if we take a closer look at these systems, we will see that there is nothing difficult in them. If we consider KO strategy, we will see that the cards 2 to 7 are counted as +1. 8 and 9 are counted as 0 and 10 through Ace are counted as -1.

Everything happens really fast in card counting. If you take your look away from the dealer's hand, you may say good bye to this set of decks. Usually blackjack is played with two and more decks. The more decks, the less house edge. That is why the players prefer unite into the card counting teams and have a "team player" at the table, who would secure another team player in this game.

Historically happened that there are way more of the balanced systems than unbalanced. Some experts define that there are three levels of difficulty among the card counting systems. And usually each strategy has three or four variations for various quantities of cards.

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