What is Professional Blackjack

If you are a professional player, than this history of Stanford Wong is more than familiar for you. However, new players must also know some facts about this player, as we are talking about the best blackjack player of the history.

Stanford Wong's Books

Stanford Wong can be mistaken with the blackjack history. The player was hitting the blackjack tables for 20 years now, being one of the most experienced and recognized casino player. As we are talking about professional gambling, you can be sure that getting into balckjack hall of fame is not that easy.

One of his best books was published in 1975. Professional Blackjack is still considered one of the best books in this fiend, being the first paperwork recommended by professional blackjack schools. Encouraged by the success of this book, he decided to write even more books about this subject. However, Wong was always passionate about new discoveries; therefore his name was always connected with the latest blackjack software and devices.

Stanford Wong's Software and Publishing House

Today, you won't be able to find Wong on the blackjack tables of the Las Vegas Casinos. He retired from professional blackjack playing, as he decided to concentrate himself on discovering new blackjack strategies. However, he decided to focus only on advanced blackjack playing, and this is disappointing for the newcomers. While professional players could find amazing blackjack techniques and strategies, a beginner wouldn't understand even the introduction of a Wong's book. Luckily, the player decided to develop some blackjack software, software that can also be used by beginners.

You won't have to understand the principles and the strategies involved in Wong's software. You would only need to connect to the friendly interface. Once the game begins, you would have to enter your cards into the program as they come. The program might also ask you for the card of the dealer, and even for the cards of your competitors. Introduce all those details into the program and it will tell you the next move that is needed.

Stanford Wong on TV

Although the player disappeared from the spotlights of the casino's world, you can see him constantly on blackjack themed TV shows and live demonstrations. His love for the game remained the same, although he is banned from the majority of the US casinos. With one of those occasions, he also announced his intention to get involved into some other casino games. It is rumored that he might try his luck in craps and poker, but his close friends are saying that the player is preparing an unbeatable money management strategy suited for any game. Personally, I would like to see Wong on a poker tournament, but I am sure I will have a lot of fun watching him on the craps table or even on the roulette.

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