Peter Griffin at Blackjack

Peter Griffin always claimed that mathematic is his love. He liked to play blackjack in his spare time, and his friends observed his talent for this game. Encouraged by them, he started to study this game rigorously. Moreover, he started to study the influence of mathematics over gambling, so he also begun to play other casino games. Although he stated that blackjack is only an entertainment method for him, the mathematician has a well-deserved spot in the blackjack's hall of fame.

Griffin was sent by his university to Nevada to conduct a rigorous study about the influence of mathematics in casino games. He was honored by this, although he was not so familiar with those games, he started to study them for the project. Soon, he discovered his talent for blackjack; therefore, he decided to approach the game in a more personal manner.

Griffin's Blackjack Literature

The study was a success. Well, it was a success for the universities, as the casinos lost some serious money in the process. Encouraged by the success of this initiative, he decided to publish two more books by himself. Edward Thorp himself considered those books as the best literature in this field, and we are talking about the author of "Beat the Dealer."

His second book was about blackjack also, but it was more about general mathematics consideration in gambling. Moreover, the books are easily readable even for beginner players. Usually, the blackjack books about gambling are using technical language, but this is not the case with Griffin's literature.

Blackjack or Mathematics

Griffin had this dilemma all his life. He stated that mathematics is more important for him, but he was also one of the best blackjack players of the world. His books are about counting cards, guessing numbers, and applying advanced techniques on the blackjack table. The player was also part of some blackjack teams, but those teams failed after a while. Although he was recognized as a brilliant mind, being of great help for every team, he was also proud and annoying. That is why the teams never lasted, so he ended up playing the decks by himself. Again, he was never worried about this aspect.

Currently, the player is retired, living happily in his villa with his sons and nephews. Although he was requested for several TV shows for some demonstrative games against other specialists of this game, he preferred to stay out of the spotlights. He claims to be working on some new books, but it seems that all his playing joy is over. Although his fans are hoping for a good book, the specialists of this field are saying that it will be a complete failure.

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