Blackjack Hall of Fame

Everything happened in winter 2002. There was a selection between blackjack experts, professional players and authors who were nominated to be the top blackjack players in the Blackjack Hall of Fame. The voting was completed in January 2003 at the Blackjack Ball.

Inductees of Blackjack Hall of Fame

There were 7 original members to the Blackjack Hall of Fame (they are pointed out in the alphabetical order) Al Francesco, Peter Griffin, Tommy Hyland, Arnold Snyder, Edward O. Thorp, Ken Uston, Stanford Wong. You may know some of these names, but still let's acquaint with the some of them.

Al Francesco

This man is famous for his invention of the blackjack team the members of which were counting cards very successfully. Al Francesco taught Ken Uston card counting. Once upon a time Ken Uston mentioned that everything what he has today is the desert of Al Francesco.

Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin was the genius of math. He was the first who offered to use some mathematical shortcuts in order to analyze the blackjack card counting systems. He was the author of the 2 books: The Theory of Blackjack: The Complete Card Counter's Guide to the Casino Game of 21 (1978, which was revised a lot of times since it was published by Huntington Press) and Extra Stuff: Gambling Ramblings (1991).

Arnold Snyder

He is the professional blackjack player who has been written about blackjack game nearly for 25 years! He published the first book which was called "The blackjack formula" that book really revolutionized the ways card counters used during the game.

Edward O. Thorp

He used to be the father of Blackjack Card Counting. The book which was published in the 1962 and was called "Beat the Dealer" shocked the gambling world. The book described one of the effective methods of blackjack card counting and was firstly opened to the public. When the book "Beat the Dealer" became the bestseller in the Las Vegas the pit bosses of all casinos decided to change the rules of blackjack game but the customers refused to accept the new form of the game that is why the casinos went back to the old game rules.

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