Balanced Systems

Card counting in blackjack game is maybe the best blackjack strategy ever known. Although many casinos are taking serious protection measurements against it, many players still manage to count cards in order to improve their winning chances. As we know there are a lot of blackjack systems such as balanced and unbalanced systems, so lets read about them.

The Dubner System

The system is relatively old, although the current system is heavily improved than the original version. The strategy was invented by a MIT graduate, Harvey Dubner, in 1950. At that time, the system was hard to recognize, therefore Dubner managed to win some serious money with it. He was discovered only in the year 1967. By that time, Dubner was also a millionaire. If you are smart and patient, you might be able to apply it today.

The Hi-Lo System

The Dubner`s strategy is also called the Hi-Lo system. This is because every card is valued with a +1, 0, or 1. Unfortunately for those fuzzy players, the system can't be applied if you are not smart. If you are one of those players that like to drink or to pick up girls at the blackjack table, you might think about leaving this system away.

The cards from 2 to 6 are represented by a value of +1. 7, 8 and 9 are neutral cards, therefore they are considered 0. The higher cards are represented as a -1. If you are counting all the cards from a pack using this system, you will have a total value of…0. If the counting gets to 15 or higher, it means that there are many high cards such as Aces or Jacks in the pack, so you should start betting more, as you have a blackjack approaching.

Maybe you are asking why this system is not recommended for beginners. Well, the cards are distributed by the dealer rapidly. You will only have one fraction of a second, to see the card and to calculate the current total. In addition, you will have to decide when to enter the game. If your calculations are saying that an Ace is up next, you should surely bet more having a total of 10 in your hands.

The main disadvantage of this system is its popularity. The hidden cameras from the casinos will spot any counter almost instantly. The pack of cards will be substituted with a rigged deck; therefore your system will become useless. As we are talking about Pit Bosses that are heavily trained and well paid, you can also have a great surprise while leaving the casino.

If you want an effective method to apply the system, you will have to play at home with your friends just to have some kind of training. The Hi-lo system can also be applied online, and the decks can be rigged by the casino's software in any way. Moreover, you won't be distracted, so you can apply the system accordingly.

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